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Goergous Lyrics

Lexia Allies – Goergous Lyrics

You made me a angel in the sky tonight
The way you pulled me close
I knew your storys
That I won't let you go
But it only the furture to let it go
The days of the lightning of the sky
Just everything you meant to me
When I am dancing in the light
But I can see the ways were
Just when you kiss me right now
I am just saying it
Sometimes that I know what you are beautiful to me
You are goergous in the my own way
And if you are only to sing with my favorite songs
Maybe I let the beat goes
Trying to be a new part of me
If you're the thing that I miss you so much
That I want to have a beautiful time
Sometimes that I know what you are beautiful to me
What the life goes to me
[Verse 2:]
Letting you go and spin me around
Just you told me that I love you
So anything goes right up side down
Maybe you talked to me like the way you are
Try to make it
You never seen me those stairs
You are shining in my bed room door
Tell me what you are wearing for tonight
Can I talk the lonely love
The best I do to make you happy
I am just saying it
[Verse 3:]
The way you are just having a best time
The dresses are to cute to look
But I need your soul for to write because I need the love
When me and you dance the way
Telling if somebody loves you so much
Take my words to someone else
They make a spell to put on me
That I am glowing in the sun
You are my son of a gun
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