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Got Me Down Weak Lyrics

Lexia Allies – Got Me Down Weak Lyrics

You pushed me off the ground
Til everything was a mess
Trying to hurt this way
Will you be so serious
Not that at all well you gave me your bam
You have nothing in your hand
Going off about that you said
Just bring your knees to the ground

You had so many problems that you gave
(No, No, No)
I have nothing to proof it by myself
(No, No, No)
You break the part of me you give
I just got me down weak
You such a looser that you are breaking in
Don't mess around with me
Sometimes you told me into the note
Trying to reach the call
Save up from your happiness
Will you believe in me
Nothing wouldn't matter

[Verse 2:]
This feeling is off the wheel
Must be nothing to forget
Just show up from place to place
You know you have the feeling to spark
Kicking in your seat while you're sleeping
You know your in danger bit
But wake up on your own

[Verse 3:]
Wake myself til every morning to let is shine
Because every love when you get
Breaking my skin to every world
Let me put one for myself
That never came apart for me
Trying to get every life
You know how it done
Baby I won't to get more wreak down
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