I never be gone when your with me
But still thinking of your way
You make it clear to enough to feel
Trying to get out of my mind
Like everyday won't change to me
It seem life to turn to this inside out
Just a minutes that was lost
As you know me before I break up with you
Will you never ever came to me
Just this was nothing out of sight
Make sure you stand still til I touch you
If I never swear to your love
Can I only be with the only one
Maybe your so wrong to believe it
I change to whatever you heard yourself through the way
It time to stand still
[Verse 2:]
Everytime wasn't right so it break it out
And do you ever like the way it hurt
Carry your love back to you never live without you
Baby I told you never to break the words you told me
That was right at the door to compltete
Never be known
If I called you up
[Verse 3:]
Don't go without you
I ever love you again
But I won't see you til the morning goes
Whenever you tell someone secret
So you never get me on the floor
I never lie to you before you went out
But everything was like you
It hard to get to kiss me or break me
You never like your love
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Stand Still Lyrics

Lexia Allies – Stand Still Lyrics