(Verse 1)
It's nothing like a break up
I'm falling faster than the scars as healing
So don't make me so insane
Maybe you feel something new again
How i notice the same way as your gone
And shouldn't think twice to believe
That I'm over you to never try
As i am thinking of someone new
Like ever make someone special
Living the same day i ever needed to be
Cause I'm better with you
I'm over you as a break up fall apart
It's something very beautiful in mine
(Verse 2)
When I'm sleepless
However it can't make no sound
Do you ever just notice me in the way
There's no looking back were i am hiding
It's just the weakness in me
How you start seeing me in the same moving
Can't say once again. I don't want to be with you
(Verse 3)
Fall apart from the distance
Can't lonely survive how i breathe
Don't bother asking question
It went nothing out of straight
Maybe you're the just i need to
Making yourself on the wrong side out of nothing
So i can't believe in your smile
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Over You Lyrics

Lexia Allies – Over You Lyrics