(Verse 1)
Chance is all i need to breath in
Don't you really thought i almost knew
Trying to tear my heart up to far
It's all i care for love since a while
But every moment i care for talking to the truth
Every laying the hug for the amount of me

Just give in for every lifetime goes around
Like you're the only one with me
To be on my side to across my heart for die
Your just the love is still there for me
Any loves comes around for the circle of my name
Do you trust in the truth for me
Every love is still there for me

(Verse 2)
Now your coming in busting in tears
Riping my soul of my life for the year
These things can't come stealing my kiss over the hand
Sometimes i know what to do without you here
Just give up for every circle is movin
But i know what to do with me

(Verse 3)
All the lifes across the land
Don't give of movin' every kiss of the moment
Just stay here in my arms to cry
Don't give no hopes i need without you babe
Looking for the best of my life is not there for me
Like it over the heart of dust
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Love Is Still There Lyrics

Lexia Allies – Love Is Still There Lyrics