In my hand I saved my name
Just believe in every life would be
Like nothing is changing for a while
Maybe I know what is happening tell me
In this life would've daily for your new understantion
I know what you been on your mind

With you like a million rings
The only way I choose me
Like when I told this is new for you
Just trust for who I am for today
And don't beggin for me twice
With a smile in your face never released
So it never just a guaradtion fly
This is new for you
This is new for you
Everything comes around and never seen so bright before
You never came apart without you baby

[Verse 2:]
Can I reached for the sky
Won't come able to come out
They knew who I am for you
Trying to get any phone calls from you
So it not like anything for you
Maybe you tell yourself in your ear
I feel nothing to walked by so sorry

[Verse 3:]
Just like I dreamt anything
Ain't believe this is so real
But open your eyes to sleep
Maybe you're trying to reach through the mirror for my name
But you aren't trying to get me away from you
So took my breathe away
When the wind blows into my face
(Ain't gonna give your love back)
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This Is New For You Lyrics

Lexia Allies – This Is New For You Lyrics