Trying to make you with me
Before I let one fall down
I can't remember this feeling cause I need you in my heart
So sometimes I can breathe the love closer
Everytime I can bring us down for love
But anything can't help from love now

With the broken heart that says forever boyfriend
(Forever, Forever, Forever)
But this time won't let me down for a more chance
(Forever, Forever, Forever)
Trying to make my mark on the line that say's my beautiful
(Forever, Forever, Forever)
Not when you say you take my hand to the road
I want to stay with you forever as boyfriend and girlfriend

[Verse 2:]
One last time I remember you were the one I kissed
When your heart says I miss you and I can't help when I'm alone
Taking my love back for a try
Maybe I can love you since I was young
But anyway I can loose myself with you
I need you now

[Verse 3:]
I can't stand your heart alone
That I wanna save you so badly
Cause I can't loose amount of the truth inside of my heart
What should I can bring love down
What can I feel the love with soul
What could I do to get you back to my heart
There is no place like home
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Forever Lyrics

Lexia Allies – Forever Lyrics