Leave the party when it's all over
When I didn't catch your breath lying
If I see something laying on the porch deal
Just in the morning. Nobody didn't see where I was sleeping
Maybe I'm got to leave this room
As I'm getting ready on my own
Is the only one I am given
Sometimes wish me a luck tonight
No one can't give me a damn about you
There is something going on my mind
You know how I loved the moment I have
Living one day on the same time
Can't believe a serious pain
[Verse 2:]
Serious trouble as serious pain
Won't let it hurt
Go down on my knees
Saying the truth to fight back
Somewhere I got the future to hold
When you try to leave it all behind
Don't care what you meant
Everything is so messed up
[Verse 3:]
Hestitated lost in the moments
I can't realize what your smoothe
Just stop what your excatly really in lost
But I'm giving in
As you spoken high in a voice
How I believe a crash on the floor
I knew I had acted so dead in believable
Crash. There is no party after all
Crash. I have a problem with you and I loved it
Crashhh, Yeah...
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Crash Lyrics

Lexia Allies – Crash Lyrics