I'm feeling in colds
As I'm weather alone thinking of a smile
But I have one time
If you choosen the ways I have notice
There's a cold letter card I'm striving
The deal was coming to fast
When every spark is coming force
The sky we own
Every time we touched the spark
It's the time we have here with me tonight
Here with me tonight
The beat goes so down different
Every one touch you rised to me
But don't come tilling if you try
You here with me tonight
Can't erase the night so we live for the night
[Verse 2:]
You and him feeling the dime of the rush
But it's toward the time
As we feel the energy you know
I'm holding the hand you gave
Rush in towards the blank
As no time for fading the dark side
It's like the spark is coming now
[Verse 3:]
Going fast I'm dreaming
The reconnected isn't born to way to soon
Don't you feel like I'm there
There's no ways of hurting
You and her got so long way to go
Can't believe youe seeing
I'm your dark side
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Here With Me Tonight Lyrics

Lexia Allies – Here With Me Tonight Lyrics