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Lava Pit Lyrics

Breezy – Lava Pit Lyrics

How the fuck did you get in my castle

Murder I’ll commit I’ll make you give up & quit enter my castle without
A warrant & I will push you into my lava pit I spit flames & take names
Each level looking like the devil in every bit waiting for you near the
Lava pit pay a visit & I will have you swimming in it murder I’ll commit
I’ll make you give up & quit enter my castle without a warrant & I will
Push you into my lava pit I spit flames & take names each level looking
Like the devil in every bit near the lava pit

1st Verse
Breaking into my castle was a big mistake I’ll leave you floating in my
Lava lake the princess said she’s never been fucked somehow I picked her
Up threw her in the lava an said you’re fucked now bow to the king of the
Kingdom because I got the keys to your freedom murdering them leaving them
Toasty like Scorpion melting their skeleton after I uppercut them off the
Deep-end now your team is sinking what in the fuck were you thinking that
Ass is taking a pounding in my dungeon that’s astounding full of hot lava
That’s surrounding my firepower will dazzle living in what looks like
Bowser’s Castle where I’ll shackle you & your family take them all out
Randomly because nobody can handle me before you lose your life you’ll
Lose your sanity address me as your majesty I’m too cruel breaking you &
Every rule what’s your plan of action fool because I plan to toss you in
The death pool in the lava you fell an you’re not doing well every
Chamber is hot as hell I can tell you need some extra lives need some
Sharper knives because once you’re in the lava nobody survives


2nd Verse
You’ll be dead before you know inside of a hollowed out volcano fuck-o
You started this shit & I ended it installed a death pit & extended it
You’re going to regret intruding you’re ass needs improving because
I’ll make your life expire when you’re in my lake of fire you will burn
Fast looking like you made it to hell at last where you got trolled &
Harassed you’re never going to make it past my lethal lava course I’m
An unstoppable force with no remorse living in Dracula’s Castle my
Fireballs will baffle an your skin will burn & crackle so get swept in deep
Shit you stepped in the lava you slept & your soul I kept wishing I
Didn’t beat you into submission bitching about every failed mission I’m
Making you lose consciousness making you rest in piss with telekinesis your
Game plan I’ll dismiss because I plan to kick you in the lava lake abyss
Melting your little gay canoe murdered you & I told you bitch I just
Trolled you I can tell you need more coins to continue because once
You’re in the lava nobody will ever fucking make it through


You know what your problem is you have no game what you know about game I
Got all the game
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