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Game Over Lyrics

Breezy – Game Over Lyrics

1st Verse
You better not play soft I’ll rip your face off kind of like it was a
Race off an I got the drop on you your face I’ll chop into putting an end
To your story sending you to purgatory making it gory then I’m taking all
Your inventory just know I’m going to burn you like a pyro spitting fire
Like Spyro taking them out like Vampiro in a mask like Sub-Zero so you
Better not be rusty when I take aim & take over I’m going to beat your
Ass until it’s game over didn’t know what you were up against right
Before the attack commenced I first swung I’m putting them in a cage
Stabbed & hung taking everybody’s soul like Shang Tsung find out that
I’m a nutcase with a sharp blade then I’m going to break through your
Barricade because your attack wasn’t well played would’ve could’ve
Should’ve but didn’t have a grenade you’re thinking you should’ve
Retreated now it’s getting overheated bitch you’re about to be deleted

You’re about to be defeated all your powers are depleted losing with a a
Mission uncompleted fighting like hell until hell takes over & it says game
Over (2X)

2nd Verse
Didn’t know what you were getting into did you I’ll be making sure you
Won’t continue bitch you really don’t want to rumble in my kingdom
I’m lethal hanging up towns people in my dungeon because I’m evil
Making an upheaval while you’re facing final doom I’ll put you in a
Tomb so you can’t resume sounding like a sonic boom whenever you enter
The room assume chaos prepare to meet the final boss Breezy smoking a big
Fat beezy but it’s not going to be easy when I’m in a mask feeling
Beastly better not play lousy even i you got a flamethrower I’m going to
Beat your ass until it’s game over making you want to quit an with one
Leg sweep you’ll forfeit I’ll push you in my lava pit you almost made
It a crossed it you had a life but lost it you should’ve retreated now
It’s getting overheated bitch you should’ve never competed


3rd Verse
You needed to train I’ll put a hole through your brain if you’re on my
Terrain not to mention i’m insane jumping into another dimension while
You’re dying in pain you better remain cautious because you won’t
Regain conscious I see that you’ve been stumbling noticed that you’re
Struggling sucking & stuck in last place it’ll be game over as soon as we
Face I’m a mental case god of war you better check the score you’re
Done for & hurting all around couldn’t even make it through the final
Round every enemy in my castle is gone thinking that you belong you’re
Dead wrong now you’re about to be destroyed I’m the final boss you
Avoid an you should’ve retreated now it’s getting overheated bitch I
Don’t think you’ve ever succeeded


Game over
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