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Full Of Rage Lyrics

Breezy – Full Of Rage Lyrics

1st Verse
Nobody will survive it’ll be your last day alive when I include you in my
Reign of terror look outside & I’m out there I know your moves & I know
Them very well I’m coming at you like a bat out of hell everybody’s got
A plan until they get punched in the face I’ll beat you anytime or any
Place steaming from my nose & ears you’ve been avoiding me for many years
Now I’m seeking vengeance breaking your glass jaw before you finish your
Sentence tell me who outranked you who shanked you we both know that you
Wouldn’t win I could’ve been the one that committed a mortal sin but
Only on occasion I’m raging acting like a pissed off caucasian get your
Family killed like Max Payne stepping in front of me would be like stepping
In front of a train I’m about to go insane I’ll grab your throat &
Squeeze cave-in your face after I blowout both your knees before I put my
Blunt out in one of your e-y-e’s

When I’m full of rage having an outrage disengage or I will send your ass
Back to the first stage I’m on a different level on a rampage punching
Everyone I’m punishing & everything is dying & diminishing (2X)

2nd Verse
Bust-in like I was superhuman full of aggression twenty-four seven getting
Ready to explode steamed up in beast mode showed up with a katana people
Thought I was Kenshi fearless in a frenzy you don’t want to confront me
Flipping out extremely angry spazzing out immediately get a better
Strategy my high degree of intensity will knock you the fuck out
Permanently coming with that fury in a hurry to beat you when I’m on a
Rampage I’ll delete you taking down your army like I was Tony Montana
Taking out every prima donna with a katana looking like an altered beast
That increased the deceased more insane than your high priest with a bad
Temper like Johnny Cage I’ll activate the primal rage backstage an then I
Will cut them all up like bacon making sure they’re all dead & really not

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