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You Already Lost Lyrics

Breezy – You Already Lost Lyrics

1st Verse
Your power is already fading & I’m never going to surrender I’m a
Career-ender last air-bender so lock all the gates before I arrive try to
Stay alive I’m the man everybody feared blasting until level cleared
Stole the princess & then I disappeared you should’ve never volunteered
For this rescue mission should’ve never entered my castle without
Permission you’re no competition but battling me was a very bad decision
I’ll assassinate you terminate you & then I will dissect you incinerate
You eliminate you & nothing will protect you from my big sword cutting your
Vocal cord peace won’t be restored I’m a warlord that’ll kill you &
Then go skateboard you explored until you got cock blocked tried to get
Away but all the doors were locked you were never invited you broke into my
Castle all excited thinking you & the princess were about to be reunited
Until you fell into the lava & ignited you found me & a fight ensued dude
You’re screwed you’re never going to get rescued power-up & prepare
Yourself if you really want to win but you already lost & I highly doubt
You’ll play again

Man you already lost & I’m the boss you came a crossed with he power
Sword running toward you going overboard like a warlord is supposed to
That’s going to be stabbing your spinal cord until I cut through we both
Knew that I would prevail you set yourself up to fail now I’m about to
End your little fairytale (2X)

2nd Verse
Once you enter my evil lair you’ll never see the light of day never
Escape my grasp & you’ll never slip away you’re the lamest hero around
Town an I’m the hardest in the game so bow down congratulations on making
It this far but I’m about to slice your avatar an activate the ponies gas
If you trespass in my region you’re going to have a bad season I’m
Grabbing your throat & squeezing an everything you owned I’m seizing
You’re never going to have the upper hand never make it past my lethal
Lava land nobody can withstand death understand I got fire breath an I’ll
Make you feel the burn enter my castle & you’ll never return don’t fall
For a trapdoor because you’re the one I’m coming for furthermore I’m
Generating more power waiting at the top of the tower in my castle you’re
Denied & you already died so you’re thinking that the princess must be
Hidden inside better level up & prove yourself if you really want to win
But you already lost & you’ll never see her again

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