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One Life Left Lyrics

Breezy – One Life Left Lyrics

You got one life left you only got one life left an I’m making it a
Hassle don’t be acting bashful because I got your girl hiding in another
Castle asshole

1st Verse
I’m thinking you really better level up time to nut up to shut up an
Avoid getting cut up or stuck man I really hope you don’t suck because
You only got one life & one shot all of my traps are hard to spot an my
Lava’s pretty hot you better be careful better be clever so many heads I
Sever right off the cuff I don’t think you’re moving fast enough
Let’s see how tough you are when I take your last star because I didn’t
Think you’d make it this far therefore I’m cutting your lifeline the
Princess is all mine an I’m the criminal mastermind smashing every legend
Worse than you ever imagined you & your army I’ll remove still haven’t
Found your groove an you still need to improve now don’t make a wrong


2nd Verse
You better not run in the wrong direction you might die in this section
Into a death pit an I might come out of a warp zone & absorb your spirit an
You can always hit quit if you change your mind you better not fall behind
You’re walking a very thin line the princess is all mine I’m the
Criminal mastermind with a tech nine & katanas leaving you in a pit with
Anacondas making you afraid of death & scared to explore one chance or
You’re done for one shot or mission failed hope your plans don’t get
Derailed but if I see you in my castle then it might all go wrong you got
One life left but not for long

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