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Dungeon Lyrics

Breezy – Dungeon Lyrics


Written, recorded, produced, engineered, & performed by Broc Jesch (Breezy)

1st Verse
In my kingdom you’re banished I took your girl then vanished bagged her
Like a wild ape without a cape handcuffed her with duck tape then I put her
In the dungeon where there is no escape an I won’t let her go even if you
Got power like Captain Commando watch your step & look below I’ll let my
Troops know we got another intruder get his ass ready for the executioner
Infiltrate my lair & see fireballs & pitfalls an I’ll keep you as an
Inmate within my castle walls hesitate & I’ll confiscate all your gold
Put them in a chokehold then put them in a cage in a blindfold you got a
Lot of disadvantages an I got a lot of hostages not to mention that my
Dungeon is difficult you won’t like the end result I’m giving you life
Imprisonment locking you up as punishment making you cower & expire running
Like your overalls were on fire I’ll making you weak & inglorious then I
Will trap you in the chamber so you will never come out victorious

Show me all your moves show me your style in awhile I’ll start punching
An then I will leave your ass to rot inside of my dungeon show me all your
Moves show me your style in awhile I’ll start punching an then I will
Leave you trapped inside my motherfucking dungeon

2nd Verse
In your kingdom I descended on it better run like your life depended on it
A lot of mayhem I conducted until you & your friends were abducted I’ll
Put them in a cell with all their skulls fractured now the princess is
Captured I’ll lock them all up & takeover until it says GAME OVER an
Trapped inside of my cellar I’m making you wish you were dead like Helen
Keller my minions will keep you prisoner until you’re ready for the
Executioner trapping every intruder in cages like the dark ages then I
Torture them when they’re in their last stages no escape when you’re on
Lockdown every hero I’m about to knockdown you really should’ve
Concentrated now you’re incarcerated in chains my dungeon contains a lot
Of skeletal remains full of assassins & cruelty full of death & my military
Surrounded by lava primarily I’ll be on your ass like nonstop then I will
Lock you in the chamber so that you will never come out on top


Game Over

Song Title: Dungeon
Artist: Breezy
Album: Game Over
Producer: Broc Jesch (Breezy)
All rights reserved under Breezy LLC 2019
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