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Wario Lyrics

Breezy – Wario Lyrics

So you think it’s cool to break into fucking castles that aren’t yours
Hu you really think you can fuck with me little boy

1st Verse
Forget about Bowser because I’m your biggest problem I’m chilling in my
Castle with lava at the bottom the villain on the rise about to jeopardize
Lives an beat Mario’s ass as soon as he arrives kicking in heroes groins
& I’m taking all their gold coins player 2 joins & I’m not going to
Take it easy then I’ll tell Luigi that he’s nothing but a wannabe an
That’s all he’s ever going to be because he can’t defeat me Mario is
Looking grim what the fuck does Peach even see in him he’s nothing but a
Bitch that’s fun to hassle the princess is in a different castle asshole
He really thought that he was on a roll until I hung his ass up the
Flagpole whooping like a Power Ranger all I feel is anger an I will put you
All in danger the bad guy wins the day game changer

2nd Verse
I’m making Mario jump hurtles putting a stop to this sick son of a bitch
Murdering turtles kick him in the dick then flip him the bird I’m looking
For this fucking nerd so spread the word stomp them into a midget in my
Pumas then I’ll send my Goombas plunging take you to the dungeon as a
Prisoner show you my fortress & finisher looking like the Riddler but
Littler I’ll murder every visitor bringing ghost chases & mayhem I’m
Making bullets with angry faces on them Peach wants to be with me but
Mario’s trying to take her until I hit his ass with the final haymaker
Have you meet your maker an I’ll be your undertaker creating chaos
Bashing & smashing everybody that I come across you’re about to suffer
Another big loss because I’m the final boss

3rd Verse
Step into my fortress & you’ll never forget it you will regret it Mario
Just doesn’t get it all he does is kill turtles & eat shrooms destroy
Castles & rooms want to fight me but can’t take me no handshake bitch
Don’t mistake me I hit you you hit dirt beat you on expert & fucked up
Your t-shirt Mario is a dunce that’s rather fragile the princess is in a
Different castle asshole I’m beastly you’re puny there’s nothing you
Can say or do to me to really ruin me you’re just another dick trying to
Screw up the day got nothing nice to say then I’ll slay you away you’re
The biggest poser without any composure an I’m the body disposer
That’ll Debo your shit right after he came over Wario whooped your ass

Fuck you doing in my castle little boy heard you been going castle to
Castle trying to get your bitch back you know she left your animal abusing
Ass you must be on too many mushrooms to realize it’s game over
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