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Evil Lair Lyrics

Breezy – Evil Lair Lyrics

You got it

1st Verse
In my evil lair I’m right there like a nightmare giving you a jump scare
When I’m slaughtering people on a mobile throne like Dr. Evil teaming up
With assassins beating people up & taking actions while getting high &
Getting high scores I’m making you fall for trapdoors shooting you down
On all fours I’m taking everything that used to be yours then I’ll head
Right back to the cellar looking like an underground cave dweller that’ll
Make you disappear like Penn & Teller you must break into a lot of homes
But you’re never going to leave mine because it’s like the Paris
Catacombs full of bats & collapsing tombs deathtraps & secret rooms gaps &
Poisonous mushrooms destroying your clan like I was David Lo Pan in my dark
Realm coming up with a masterplan taking you out like you were trash in my
Lair I’m ready to smash you into the hellfire like a rag doll one
Tripwire was your biggest downfall

Beware of my evil lair full of a lot of weapons of warfare & my henchmen
There my underground base where it’s full of many traps of mine created
Through a design by a mastermind
You got it (2X)
Beware of my evil lair

2nd Verse
I’ll end your story takeover your territory & keep all of your inventory
Then take you down to my laboratory full of a lot of lava motes & pitfalls
Brewing potions traps & human skulls you’re going to wish you never got
Involved I’m going to shoot for the face until my problems are solved
Kill yourself before I do I’m out of my mind too I will blind you & pull
Up right behind you even in your dreams I will find you you don’t want it
With me & my security because I got a dojo & I know karate an your bitch is
My good luck charm you won’t be causing any harm being afraid of
Consequences better come to your senses or I’m going to be swinging for
The fences ready to throw hands & just box you’ll be shaking like Michael
J. Fox never know when I might snap & bust a cap or two kidnap a few like
It’s a wrap for you fuck you going to do when I trap you in my dark realm
Like so many that I slay & overwhelm

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