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8 Bits Lyrics

Breezy – 8 Bits Lyrics

I plan to cut them all into 8 bits an then I will generate some great hits
I will regulate & create 8 slits I plan to cut them all into 8 bits an then
I will generate some great hits I will regulate & create 8 slits until
Every opponent straight quits

1st Verse
Nobody better misbehave inside of my bat cave end up becoming my slave or
In a grave you must be trying to save the unclean queen don’t intervene
Or I’ll slice you like Wolverine do I got to pull up on you on my
Excitebike looking like an expert when I strike deathlike full of road rage
& I’m hated I’ll shoot for the cunt like this was Duck Hunt & leave you
All pixelated I’ll ruin your ranking for the thrill friendly fire & team
Kill I will spill your coins & attack like King Koopa is back with a fat
Sack of crack ready to charge & hijack I’ll swing my sword like a maniac
An divide you into pieces like a lumberjack I’m making your life fall
Apart smashing you into a wall like Dale Earnhardt you’re looking like a
Noob on Nintendo I’ll smoke an extendo feeling like Bowser in Mario right
Up until your head straight splits I’m irate an I’m about to
Demonstrate 8 bits


2nd Verse
I’ll beat your ass a second time slice you with the keyblade like a key
Lime an if you’re bitch made then you will get slayed I’ll throw a
Grenade in your little aids parade every team I’ve betrayed & stole their
First aid you got played by a pro renegade who’s more powerful & you’re
Awful I’m serving every dumb bitch a knuckle sandwich until they are all
Full do I got to pull up on you in the meat wagon an beat you into pixels
Like I was a Double Dragon bragging about how many motherfuckers I
Terminate run up on them & eliminate everyone I will decapitate you & your
Teammate I’ll obliterate an I’ll cut everybody up a little an slice you
Right down the middle acting like a bad player team traitor that’ll fight
To the death like the terminator you stepped into my castle thinking that
You were greater only to die a few moments later right up until every bone
Straight splits I’m about to separate 8 bits

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