I created a piece of me in which I will love but let go.
These are the thoughts that painted your picture.
These are the hands that constructed your body and soul.
This is the breath that filled your lungs with life.
This is the power that created every piece to perfection.
Enter my arms so I can embrace you.
Now don't forget who did this for you, never forget the love.
These are the eyes from which you will see me.
These are the ears from which you will hear me.
This is the mind from which you will trust me.
This is the heart from which you will love me.
Enter my arms so I can embrace you.
And Now that you've grown, you've chosen to leave me.
These are the times where I will guide you.
These are the chances I'll never stop giving you.
This is the mercy that will always forgive you.
This is the love that collapses you to your knees.
Enter my arms so I can embrace you.
You've lived what life you could and I love you.
These are the tears which you will shed.
These are the loved ones who you will miss.
This is faith you've had forever coming to life.
This is the final grace I have saved for you.
Enter my arms so I can embrace you.
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Vista Lyrics

With A Voice – Vista Lyrics