My world was turned upside down with the diagnosis.
I saw the change in your decaying state.
You never deserved this! Bad things should only come to the wicked.
And yet the most powerful of killers came to our doorstep and charged in.
It charged right in.
The sirens that stole you away from me
Gave way for the silence in our home.
This wasn't the way I planned it to be.
All signs point to me dying alone.
I feel deceived! How could you take them all away from me?
I'm haunted by the loss of their embrace.
Maybe I'll wake up tomorrow and all will be okay.
Cause I dream of a place where you still remain.
And this fragile heart filled with sorrow can only hope that tomorrow
Keeps you here safe with me.
You loved so much and I so little.
And now that your gone, the I lost fills this hollow heart.
If you could spare a moment in heaven for this empty shell.
I want you to know that life without you is hell.
I've become what you never wanted me to be.
The tears I've she'd will rot the ground beneath my feet.
I feel the pain of your disease by a thousand fold.
And knowing you're in a better place won't ever fill this hole.
I give up, I give in.
This is it, this is my end.
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Phantom Pain Lyrics

With A Voice – Phantom Pain Lyrics