If we waited out our whole lives would you see us in a new light?
If I were a beggar, a drunk, a con, a thief would you still see right through me?
If all we are is hands and feet, then why do we fight with both of these?
Keep your head high starry eyes.
It will all pass over night.
If you are a God of hope, life and majesty will you bring us to our knees?
But it's taking me too long to cover up the messes I've made and I can't seem to figure it out.
Why do I keep pushing you away?
If I could just open my eyes I would see that you are God of everything.
And everything seems to crumble in my hands.
I was made for much more meaning than I've been giving you.
I will live my life in a way I've never ever lived before.
And I hope, oh I hope, it brings me to your arms.
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The Valley Lyrics

With A Voice – The Valley Lyrics