Was it because I was born this way or shaped this way?
Was it the poison I consumed or the lies I fed into?
Because you seemed to have forgotten that I still breathe.
And with every breath, I choke on unclean air.
There isn't a place inside my heart for you.
I widened the space between us a long time ago.
I gave you all you didn't want from me.
And I guess it wasn't so easy.
I tried to save you from yourself, but it didn't even matter.
I want to see what you see in me.
I want to live the life that you set free.
Wipe the doubt clear from my mind.
I've wasted all my life just trying to run from what I wanted.
Oh Holy Host, am I a parasite for needing you?
Can you hear my pleas? Oh God end this agony for me.
My only son just hear me out.
I spit fire on the ground that you walk on.
He never turned his back, you rejected his arms.
And I screamed for the answers I never received.
You can't blame him for all of this.
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For Good Measure Lyrics

With A Voice – For Good Measure Lyrics