You built this family like an empire and tore it down with your own hands.
Now you've got nothing to claim as your own.
Oh no, you've gone and left them alone and it seems your crown is gone.
You've lost your touch.
These are the words that you need to hear.
Ten years have passed.
Where is the change?
And all the damage you caused, it weighs on me.
And I feel crushed.
I will bring you meaning for the rest of my life.
And show I can carry our name without you.
Struggling one, patience is virtue.
But why have I been waiting so long?
All that I am was carved from your flesh and blood.
You hold the power to unite what you divided.
And your weakness will always keep from coming back home.
I just wish you could see how much it tears me up.
But I still have faith in you.
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The Hero I Had Lyrics

With A Voice – The Hero I Had Lyrics