We can all talk about rapture.
But who truly understands it?
Let us take this as a warning.
Never take the mark of the beast.
Faithless following suit.(Reverse)
Circling around and around. (Return)
Will we gain any ground?(Reverse)
The time to divide what is truth is now.
So what is blasphemy?
I walked a thousand miles in your shoes.
Yet you still deny the truth.
The cross was built, the blood was spilled.
But all the bodies remain the same.
I would rather live a life of anguish than live in a world untouched by forgiveness.
It's time for you to realize the piles of trophies that you pretend portray your life are fake.
We can't slip through the gears of this machine.
We weren't claimed as the oil but as the rust.
So extend your arms and let the devils rip you apart.
Stand and fight 'til the sun turns black and the moon fades to red.
Stand and fight 'til the earth shakes and stars fall from the sky.
Mirrors will only show us what we made exist and conviction isn't hard to see.
So cut open your chest and show the world what you were given.
He will wipe away every tear from their eyes.
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Skysplit Lyrics

With A Voice – Skysplit Lyrics