We're constantly burning from the inside out.
And that's not to say that it's you that put us out.
And how could I forget the flame you lit was always there?
Weighed down with imperfection,
I professed this fault line home.
This was the past I grew from.
But sadly, history repeats.
I won't climb, climb all the mountains to come.
But with force from you, I will drive them away.
I am stronger than what I constructed.
And you constructed me.
You constructed me.
Lay down your lies on me.
I am the strength you hold.
Wait now, I am the change.
Faith was always yours to claim.
With all the damage that I've done,
Comes all the lessons I have learned.
I'm sick of the man that I have been.
There's so much more to become.
Give both your eyes to me.
Suspend the disbelief.
For those who could not see, I shattered the shell that molded me.
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Fracture Lyrics

With A Voice – Fracture Lyrics