How could you let this happen to me?
I'm filled with guilt and shame.
A loss of everything.
As if life wasn't hard enough.
I've tried denying that something like this could happen
I never wanted to open the floodgates.
But for the sake of being human here it goes.
Being treated worse than an animal is only a small part of the pain I've had to endure.
My child, it's not your fault you've fallen victim to his selfish disease.
Don't wait all your life with an absence of feeling complete.
I haven't seen you happy in so long.
I want to see the person you're meant to be.
I won't watch you drown in the water he's made too deep.
You took my love, my will to live.
And I screamed to no success.
You held me down as I begged for you to stop.
Are you feeling this?
Are you feeling this yet?
Under my covers and under my skin I'm filled with sickness disguised as sin.
With all of this I spread my wings and find the will to take flight.
They say that time is the greatest healer.
They say that only the strong can forgive.
Well here's my forgiveness, burn with your guilt.
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Intra Muros Lyrics

With A Voice – Intra Muros Lyrics