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Said Something Wrong Lyrics

Rozz Dyliams – Said Something Wrong Lyrics

What up Rozz
What up Lord Quazz
Put you drinks down
Put your hands up for applause
I’m serving free food like a mosque
But it’s food for thought
It’s witches brew and I’m skimming off you the broth
And if I’m the best to ever do it dog
Then I don’t have anything to prove at all
Except doing me and moving on
Move along
I’ve been rapping fifteen years
And I guess it roughly adds up to a couple thousand stupid songs
Cause I got bars to mention
Music isn’t shit if you regard convention
And I am living proof of this
Etherial dreamscape lucidness
Two lovers and only one of em won’t leave me on some stupid shit
And lately I’m a stupid bitch
Full of kinetic energy and too lazy to figure out what to do with it
And if anything is getting through to you then the only thing I’m tryna prove is all the time you waste being a humanist

I must have said something wrong
But I’ve been saying it all along
My friend

Trapped in a maze
And I’m amazed
At all these angels with dirty faces
I was greatly disappointed with Dirty Acres
So I took it out and put another tape in attempts to escape and create thirty minutes of blank slating
Twenty years
No more bunny ears
No more romanticizing the wonder years
If everything is nothing
That can only mean that everything is just another front to mask all of my other fears
Cause I wish I could make another Mint
I wish I could make another one that didn’t suck and fucking make me cringe
I wish that I could get off of my self-deprecating binge to the point
That I could maybe even make some friends
The world is your oyster
Up and Adam man unless you stay inside and decide to blame it on Adavan
It’s time to run a new course on the street
Shower shave and take blue corpse off repeat
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