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Fruit Hat Lyrics

Rozz Dyliams – Fruit Hat Lyrics

[Verse 1]
Prepare for the heavenly bar lord
And my fingers always smell like 70's cardboard
Allow me to open up the barn door
Piss on rappamet
I deface I've been on that
I had alotta shit happen in the past couple months
But you could take my mind off it if that ass double plump
No country bump
Just cruise for the primary color sport Walkman that you primarily sport often
The most wanted big wig digging some diggable digs with a
Nicknamed a wig splitter
The big shitter addicted to Twitter
Shouting out, letting ya'll know I'm back in my groove just lounging out
Unbeknownst to the clowns with the rubber noses
Try to smell my shit and wined up smelling the roses
And I'm Branville bound dog, fucking posers
I'ma splatter this onion shutnee under samosas

I rock the fruit hat, Carmen Miranda Wig
Attracting fruit bats, scheming on my twig and figs [x4]

[Verse 2]
Hate me or hate on my team
But I'm vegan so I don't mess around with beef I go straight for the green
I say what I mean and mean what I say
I believe I'm the greatest
And if you don't believe it, believe what you may
I'm the bizarre writer
Spark igniter
All nighter
House of O'Haire country club cigar lighter
My method is only of the utmost elements
Definitely heavy scent
Sweet Lap is irrelevant to my interests
That's what I'm about building
Someone stacks that like the waist size of one of the overweight children
But I was one of those though
Solo Dolo
I don't sell shit cause I could never afford the promo
I don't stack the odds against me
But the one who does also knows the reason everybody started to detest me
And when it starts to depress me
Click the testes, Chocolate Claire signing off
Dylan Gretzky

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