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Haram Hussein Lyrics

Rozz Dyliams – Haram Hussein Lyrics

I ain't coming down
Run it up, I'm bursting down
Bursting out
Hot lead up in your circle now
I got this hatred and I'm learning how to work it out
Burn the synagogue, the mosque, and the churches down
Jesus Dylan Christ, I'm working, turning virgins out
Toss the virgins in a pile
Watch the virgins burn and smile
Heresy on me, the heretic is kicking style
Run up in your place of worship, splatter your guts out on the tile
All the while I defile Vatican sponsored pedophile
Whipe my shitty ass with the burka while I vomit on the bible
Hoe, my mission is extinction of religion, blasphemism
Probably terminate with prejudice the business of division
I ain't with it, man I did it
Ran up in the church and clipped 'em
And I hide in my saturday when I hit your Rabi's face with jizzm'
It's a scheming, it's a schizm
It's a dream that you've been living
It's a dreaming, it's a vision that told me I had to get them
God said Dylan, you must kill 'em, I got harlots up here waiting
So quit wasting time on Earth, I'm watching hate crimes, masturbating
Get the gasoline and do it
Look the church up and go to it
Right before you light the match and throw it, show 'em why there stupid
Crack the cross and take the pulpet of the truth, you'd be a steward
Wipe this vile building from existence, sheer the sheep with lighter fluid
Don't be a bitch now, back down? Never
'Cause this bond I have with you, my son, is one that can't be severed
I am death and I am life, I open the portal whenever
All of this I give to you is I invested you the scripture

Haram Hussein
Haram Hussein
Haram Hussein
Haram Hussein
Haram Hussein
Haram Hussein
Haram Hussein
Haram Hussein
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