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Temptation Lurks Lyrics

Rozz Dyliams – Temptation Lurks Lyrics

Keep the blood flowing
At the moment I got skeletons up in my walk in closet and its overflowing
My brain is overloading and stuck in its only mota
Suicidal self-destructive thoughts and I can not control it
I'll turn this thing into a murder scene and then I'm ghosting
I'm going postal if you blowing my high when I'm posted
A walking nightmare who leave you frozen
Fucking with me
What kinda light pink things you smoking
Fuck your music
Fuck your drugs
Fuck your ideals
And fuck all of the brain calcifying viruses you hosting
I put you on the surgery table and split you open and proceed to remove all the organs that your ribs holding
It's yung gaza strip
Nobody fucking with me
Unless they got a fantasy of getting chopped to bits
This doesn't have to do with six six six
The devil gets no credit for the abomination that Dylan is
Dylan destroy defile vile with a demented smile from ear to ear when I even think about killing shit
Quick to separate your body from your vitals
And guide you to your final resting place where you fucking rest in piss
Having psychotic fantasies of performing autopsies on myself to finally figure out where the sickness is
I killed my dog and my cat and my girlfriendand my fish I flushed him down the toilet in the name of wicked shit

Temptation lurks
In the nearest weapon in my possession I gotta get to work
Over the edge and I'm edging over making it hurt
Mutilate you and drop the bloody pieces in the dirt [x2]
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