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For Rage Lyrics

Rozz Dyliams – For Rage Lyrics


[Verse 1: Dylan Ross]
[??] so fluster i bust
I'm doing her in memory of one of satans biggest minions so you must get rushed
Under the heel of a g, a serpents head will get crushed
I'm coming up outta the darkness of the cuts and stringing out yo guts
Homicide after homicide is the reason that we keep the furnace burning and murder you when its killing season
Looking at you with the eyes of a demon, gleaming like a psychopathic savage about to make you no longer breathing
Traveling west of eden, familiar with being labeled defeated i say the word love but still don't know the meaning
Eternally mistreated, therefore prepare for receding approval beating followed by fatal internal bleeding
When i witness anti mortal mutilation of a human being i feel this rush come over me as if i'm dreaming
Not everything is what it seems and [??] could massacre a family and leave behind trace amounts of semen

[Verse 2: Dylan Ross]
I carry out my torturing in multiple fazes, i'm filled up with hatred and known for leaving my enemies perforated
The capacity of a nature of a sadist should never be raided, if you think i'm not insane you are mistaken
My mind gets to racing when a familiar scent brings me to a place related to a body disposal situation
No hesitation when I exercise premeditation, murder the nation because I live and die to worship satan
Devil shit is what I do when there's no room to be mistaken when i am draped in a velvet robe and a mask of jason
All of my favorites memories are that of altercations i dissect you apart with the razor if you test my patience
Performing surgery to open up your skull mayne, reach into your head before you dead i'm pullin out your brain
I hate the world because my friend is dead and no matter how much i do, it will not bring him back and so i kill instead

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