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St. Andrews Island Lyrics

Rozz Dyliams – St. Andrews Island Lyrics

I been hearing voices telling me to get my dick sucked
By freaks like Jane, Jenny, Joanie, Lisa Leslie to say the least
Yeast is only natural to deal with when I make my bread
I dont got no time to give you peace of mind, give me head
Tongue ring, doing the butterfly, what you doin baby
You already got it like I want it, you can thank me later
You think that you a fine young independent player
Bitch, its the fine young independent player breaker
Hit the church for a sexual stunt
Confessional booth, I'll give you what you want
Nuns are much more fun
When you make one nun put her tongue in the other nuns cunt
Choke you from the back with a rosary while I'm laughin'
Hit me up on my landline, get the facts
And over what I will be waxin'

Pornoshow striptease, im für Sie Auskleiden, wenn
Sie nackte Haut wollen Sie besser das Geld bekommen Desto mehr Geld
Das Sie auf mich zu verbringen, desto mehr geil ich bekommen

Then Im back in a mirrored room, watching women taking a piss

Baby, baby
All I wanna do, all I wanna do, all I wanna do
Baby, baby
All I wanna do
Is go on vacation with you

This is going out to all my freaks, all across the world
Freaks who love to be locked up in cages
Freaks who love to play with their own drool
Freaks who wanna lick my sweat and taste my spit
Freaks who wanna be wrapped up in tape
And suspended from the middle of the room
Like a freak cocoon
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