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Mint Lyrics

Rozz Dyliams – Mint Lyrics

[Verse 1: Dylan Ross]
It's the rapping amazing
Rapping assailant
I thought rap woulda been smooth sailing
Hailing, from the depths of the unknown
It's that emcee with a buncha metal in his dome
Barely at home if I am, I am busy
Smoking out making beats getting tour ready
The tour is already
The tour is already..fuck shit
Pick me up at my house around six
And I'ma get down to business
Before I leave I'ma get your sisters digits
I'ma mister girl
I never said I love her but I'ma think about her everytime I'm with a girl
Summer fun laid back in the summer sun
I'ma think about her even when I'm with another one
So lets see whats on the menu
Easy, breezy, outside morning venue

When on the block we keep it fresh
We keep it fresher than a mint, Yes
When on the block we do it big
Players always staying faded off a mint sprigs

[Verse 2: Dylan Ross]
I rep Colombo
Fly like Dumbo
Dig me in a pot and I simmer like gumbo
Make you run fo
The front door'
When you cop this hot this yeah I made one more
It's fun tho, just Ross smoking
I'm like a pizza chef cause I'm always tossing dough
Get lost in the flow, it's my thing-a-ling
Rappers all stiff just like my ding-a-ling
So I sing-a-ling till I got a black card
And my pockets ain't jiggling like they are
Aardvark, So I'm sniffing em' out
Bitch emcees in the game and ripping em' out
You hittin? I doubt
Your opinion matters to you
And I ain't got time for what's not true
See I barely got time for this you whining
Cause you wanna wine and dine to this I'm shining

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