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Neuterboy Lyrics

Rozz Dyliams – Neuterboy Lyrics

I got this pimpin' in my blood that tell me to go out there and take advantage
Of what was put here on gods green earth to go and get you lavish
I don't have a silver book I learned it from a firsthand look
Had to take it to another pond and throw my Gilson hooks
Busters talkin shit on Rozzy Dyliams cause they envy me
I'm in your bitches ears then her neck like an ENT
Bitch I ain't no bank ease off me hoe this ain't no PNC
Matter of fact, look down you idiot slag don't even speak to me
If a playa fall then I bounce back easily
With DMS affiliates when you see me at the regency
If I got a problem I can call up Pablo he can see
Who is in the area to take care of ya for a menial fee
Call your back up but your back up ain't cause you ain't got no
Back up and you ain't got shit to back up like Amanda blank
Life is what you make it
Life is give and take so when I take it
I exchange it with a muddy bloody river stank
Let me know cause I handle shit as i go
As I grow, all I wanna do is kill some mo'
Money stacking but it only help a little
Because no matter how much it only make my problems overflow
Still keepin shit together like I never knew I could
They hate me cuz I'm white and I rep the north like woodie wood
But this ain't no gang shit
This is just my struggle, friends that used to shake my hand still shake my hand but now they press my knuckle
When I think I got it all and all my brains get splattered
Bury me inside a hatchet just like a Jamaican casket
Fuck America
Fuck a white american, I'd rather turn my hatred into power just like Farrakhan
Prey on those who don't have the vocabulary that I do and turn it on themselves and show em' something that they never knew
Bring the forty five out, bring the mosque out
I don't give a fuck bitch I buck just like Moscow

They call me neuterboy
Bitch I neuter you
Even hard candy don't got shit on what I do to you
First you get the mohel then I put you under the soil
Rage told me neva' fold because that's what you make your enemies do
They try to get me back on drugs, I ain't into it
Used to get my nose froze like an Inuit
Now all I wanna do is kill so keep the bodies comin' in and
I'ma send the body bags out, zip the shit

...Wicked shit
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