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Crystal World Lyrics

Rozz Dyliams – Crystal World Lyrics

I've been sawin
Ever since i had a [flex fit] and a jelfringe on some stainless metal pendant shit
Still up on that same death to all you lames, killer coward
Toss a virgin in the flame
Imma get you hooked on something that'll make you go insane and have you juckin like the Maneo[?]
The voice inside my head had told me Dylan brainwash em with the funky music that you make
I don't know a girl named Keena but I think I've seen her with your mama checking her foot veins
Flip the fucking streets out with the product I cook
I got em hooked up on the message
Imma stay whippin, up in hell's kitchen
Highly explosive contents under heavy pressure

Look deep into my eyes
I gotta get out of this place
Fucking with me isn't wise
Fucking with me is on a different plane of fuddy duddy goofgoof error
Imma bring the terror, Imma let it hammer deep down inside your brain 'till it dies
God I did my best, and so I'm headed out west
It was all good, till I saw the Standiem in cardiac arrest

Shoutout to my girl Aileen Wuornos sobby, looking like that every day
Cuz a g-like R O double Z zag, by the brick, by the key, by the weight
Back to the honey cone, hideaway, Imma stay paid, off a death meth
All that fast living gonna catch up to you soon, so if you can now, catch your breath

I gotta get some exercise, I gotta get my rocks off, I gotta get up on a new enterprise
Let it eat the walls of my house, seed it up from the inside out
I don't give a fuck, Imma stay cooking dope, bag it up, push the bitches out
Imma have you tweeking off the tweesum, jizzm jizzm jizzm all the way to prison
Is it strawberry? Is it blueberry? Is it white? You all right with the business
Feeling like a fucking fly up on the wall, watchin all y'all scratching itching
Feeling like a god of death on underground mortishing pharmatision murder mission
You gotta mix it up, if you get too deep off in the mix then go to church and hope the lord above gon fix you up
Rozzy with that oil burner, burn you with the foil turn you into walking dead, straight to the head, you witness your own murder
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