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Supreme Knowledge Provider Lyrics

Rozz Dyliams – Supreme Knowledge Provider Lyrics

Drugs get you high but I'm here to get you higher
R O Double Z, Supreme Knowledge Provider
Always on 8 like a spider
Aspire to do more than just exceed the traits of those you most admire
The more you let Light Show Darkness the more the light gets brighter
Can you count every single corner on the fire
When is the last time you got excited
Reevaluated the value of the activities that make you tired
Hard-wired directly to the machines that I touch with the hand of God to craft all of these spiritually afflicting beats
I was sent to teach a knowledge that was sent to me
There is no specific goal that I can not put in my reach
Protector of my world as it is always under siege
And let it be known that I exterminate any dog who barks up my tree
Do you really wanna fuck with me and fail an attempt to destruct my chee
I could build you up destructively or break you down constructively
I found a rip in the fabric of time and slipped inside of it seductively
and swiftly sewed it up behind me
What's up now G
This is that spirit moving holy ghost infinity music
You can go all night if you tune in to the frequency of move with the movement


I got what it takes to get you higher
R O Double Z, Supreme Knowledge Provider
I will do anything for you
I'll put you in a rush and then I'll give you the world [x2]
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