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Fairweather Friends Lyrics

Rozz Dyliams – Fairweather Friends Lyrics

Haters gon’ hate it
When we doing good
Hoes gon’ hate it
When were motherfucking broke
Fairweather friends
Tend to disappear
When theres no weed in the jar to smoke [x6]

[Dylan Ross]
Give me a fat ass blunt of the best
And a woman in a latex dress
Keep me bucking all night
Take me another height
Of buckness yes I’m blessed
I really only fuck with me
I don’t really ever fuck with the rest
I’m the elite, Pizza Click representative
And I come from the Midwest
So I’m bouncing and I’m bucking
Rillo filled up with a couple different things
Like a turducken
And I’m all about causing a ruckus
I don’t wear anything made by the hundreds
I’m just making hundreds of racks
And I spend it all as soon as I get it
If in it twumpin’
You know I’m bumpin’
I got slumps to make you go deaf
And jiggle all of the curves on your woman
I’m the buckest mane you should just assume it
Bitch I’m boomin
A lot of rappers say there dope
But they can’t prove it
You wanna take me out the game do it
But no matter how many V’s or X’s
You use it won’t cover up stupid
The game is foolish
I’m out of it you can catch a blast
When I’m riding with the pistol grip and the mask



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