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Jungle Palaces Lyrics

Rozz Dyliams – Jungle Palaces Lyrics

[Dylan Ross]
Waking up everyday inside a jade pagoda
Zaggin' through with a 10 strip in the [?] soda
I can feel the rain approaching as the world slows up
But like a gecko in the amazon I'm finna post up
Got hella trees up in my bookbag so I'm finna smoke up
I'm coming out the House Of Drip, I got this shit all sewed up
Got no direction in my life other than just to go up
Got truth and knowledge I must preach and shaman seed to po' up
Gotta see the team blow up and create a mess
You see me glitching hard
Oh My God! on VHS
Young Pagan God up in this place and I ain't leaving yet
Neurotic Boss with the floss I gotta keep it wet
Make a move jump if you want some more just creep instead
Having visions of mystic palaces asleep in my bed
If you think you've seen me Zag you haven't seen it yet
Handzum with every single thing I do pay me respect

[Hook: Dylan Ross]
Zag, Zag, Zag, Zag, Zag, Zag, Zag
Zaggin' through the amazon it ain't a goddamn thang
Zag, Zag, Zag, Zag, Zag, Zag, Zag
Zaggin' like a mystic mane I can even taste the rain [x2]

[Chris Travis]
Everythangs in motion
Everythings emotion
I don't wanna argue
I don't want commotion
I don't got no feelings but I show emotions
I don't fuck with other girls they are just demotions
Water on my rocks
Runnin' down like erosion
Water on my rocks
Runnin' down like erosion
Everythangs in motion
Everythangs in motion
Water runnin' down my rocks like fuckin erosion

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