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Immodest Behavior Lyrics

Rozz Dyliams – Immodest Behavior Lyrics

[Verse 1: Dylan Ross]
I just can't help myself from keeping my hands off you
And when I'm alone with your picture on my phone
Do you really know what I want to do
You got me waiting, wanting
With this image in my head girl
You got me waiting, wanting
For you to be my living dead girl
I am a carnivore, for show
When you lore me from the bed, down onto the floor
Now your down on all fours
And this animal instinct is kicking in
And now I'm slippin' in

What up girl?
I know you know this song's about ya
Keep this Immodest Behavior
My god, it's my savior the one that I adore [x2]

[Verse 2: Dylan Ross]
I just can't help myself from keeping my thoughts in line
And when I'm trapped in these four walls
Thinking whether I should call
And what I'd say to make you mine
I know you know it's bad
I know you know it's naughty
I know you know I want to
So I know that's why you taunt me
I know you'll let me get it
Last for hours not for minutes
I know you want it too you want me all over you
If you took off your boy clothes you would be beautiful I suppose
Since you'd never go for my type even if I'm rapping
I could only run down what I wish would happen
I'm sleeping in
Thoughts of you keep creeping in
To my daily regiment I'm repeating sentences
Because I got my mind on you
And mostly I'm thinking bout I on you

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