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Dangerous & Deadly Lyrics

Rozz Dyliams – Dangerous & Deadly Lyrics

[Verse 1: Rozz Dyliams]
Built in hell-on-earth, for what its worth I dont get no ascension
Trapped in the walls of wicked shit, that I built up for my own protection
Raised up right by Eaton, I knew at a real young age, there ain't no heaven
Money was thin but dreams were in when I was eight, and Shayne was seven
Moved away when I was ten, had a deeper drop into depression
Started seeing it all for what it was too early, what a blessing
Studying the bible off and on, alone, confused and skitsofrantic
Couldn't understand it, nobody died but everybody vanished
Things werent coming in so clear like before, and I couldn't manage
But fate was on my side, cause I found KGP when I was eleven
Simken Heights, I did my sacrificial rites and my decision
Is to live and die for wicked shit, this is now my religion
Taught me how to channel my hatred into a positive message
Opened up my eyes and showed me how to execute my vision
Vision fading, coming back to show me that Im sick inside
Never had a chance other than wicked shit, to get it right
Where Im from the wind tell secrets, every night is devils nite
Wicked wicked, psycho psycho sick, call me wicked 4 life
I remember just like yesterday, the day Ensizion died
Maybe when we die we just cross over to a sicker side
Sickness in my brain said that my best solution is to die
Pass me by, unti I recognize that I been left behind
Everybody saw me snappin, but chose to ignore the signs
Had a thorough course in blas for me, the teacher was my .9
Perfected my wicked rhyme, this is my devotional
Can't let no one come inside, Im callous-unemotional
They tried to kkkill the fetus, cause they knew what I would grow into
Took me out of school, because they knew what I was gonna do
Can't go out like that, I'd rather count this money in front of you
I knew that I was lost around the same time that my mama knew
I never understood the stupid shit that normal people do
So if I stayed, I would have ran the risk of turning into you
Its a struggle now
Can you feel the sadness now?
Brain stuck inside of that Curt D crackhouse
Can you feel the madness now?
How much weight is on my shoulders now?
I dont know, but its heavy now
Used to have a hobby, now its dangerous and deadly, now

[Verse 2: Smallz One]
Before I read books I was reading peoples looks
Tryin to separate the angels from the crooks
Studying Souls of those who corrode
Didn't care about math I solve the problems that arose
Real-life shit like how to deal with myself
A real bitch demoness in living hell
Surrounded by flesh hiding truth inside
Everybody so old sitting around waiting to die
Not me not he not us no way
Living in the shadows slaughtering the days
All I smell is rot got caught up and decay
All of my thoughts got shot in my brain
Aimed at my face held by my friend
Couldn't replace what was destined in the end
So I just kept on going til the sadness turned into my hate
Devoured all these souls and all this flesh that landed on my plate
I never thought about the consequences that would come for me
Evil is as evil does and that would comfort me
Some will see a different me the others get the truth
I am not a simple seed I reincarnate Doom
Left 4 Dead upon the battlefield now my missions conquer
Many have attempted but they die from what I conjure
Thrive for what I want to it can't be no other way
Dangerous and deadly if you don't like it turn the page
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