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The Frown Lyrics

Rozz Dyliams – The Frown Lyrics

[Verse 1]
I don’t sigh or yelp
But alotta this shit seems to come off as just another misdirected cry for help
Because I’d rather be by myself
Self-sufficient and able [?]
With money stacked on the coffee table
And I’m awfully hateful
Mentally almost disabled
Manic depressive emotions unstable
Brain dead body ungrateful
You can’t put a price on the skill but that doesn’t mean that I’m un-payable
The big knot curator
Fuck saving but I prefer to pay em’ cash as to remain untraceable
I will erase a fool with C-4
And use his body parts to decorate the sea floor
Most rappers are seen before and are never seen before the show out of fear of getting exposed anally
But I mean look at me in this
I’m barely getting by
But I would rather live a shitty life than live a lie

Fuck being happy
I’d rather get down with a frown [x4]

[Verse 2]
Sometimes when I get smoked
I think about putting my head in the stove
Or [?] with bent spokes
Or self strangulation with hemp rope
If I wasn’t at the end of it
I’d probably lube it up and use the rest of it
I wanna set the bed on fire and lie
It’s like I’m always filled with sadness
But I’m always too tired to cry
I contemplate my whole life when I’m high
And wonder what I’ve could a done to get his cause it’s nicer than mine
When I was young shit was priceless
Nice as pie, Divine
But along the way it’s like the fire died
Or something didn’t so I’d grin at death
If I only had a minute left
I’d probably waste it on a cigarette
You’ll never catch me with liquor breath
Cause if I kept drinking
I’d probably wake up and not have a liver left
I’d rather sit at this little desk
Then scissor step around all the possibly reasons that it ain’t different yet


Dylan Ross
2011, Lincoln
Fucking limited edition shit
To tie you over till the next one
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