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MRSA Lyrics

Rozz Dyliams – MRSA Lyrics

Woo (x)
MRSA (MRSA) yeah

Good dope backwood smoke
Plenty junt choke
Punk hoe, we too buck hoe, hit the front doe
Hit you up for money roll and maybe even much mo'
I don't give a mutherfuck tho
I'm a cut throat
Fuck a 9-to-5 day
Pimpin' hoggin' mindstate
Razor Rozzy really pullin up with the grind plate
Night time is the swine father favorite time of day
Off the wham, off the gram of super sticky Isaac Haze
By the way
I must say prepare to have your mind erased
You'll be speakin in a different language by the time you're baked
I'm bout a pull a little Ramsey right on sight fool
I'ma have to hit em with the '94 price mane
400 for a half
You do the math
Uh huh, ain't nothin like money in a ziplock bag
Light my blunt up wit a hundred as I watch the stocks crash
Big ol' booty Betty Bathory be in my bloodbath
Hop up in my warpath and get knocked the fuck back
Cut you up and give your countenance a set of cunt flaps
Bitch I'm from Ohio
The birthplace of funk
Step up if you got some ana baby boy and let's get crunk
Have you reekin funk , next to two 15s up in the trunk
Slow , loud, and banging, wavin with my cuddy, blowin' skunk
Richy rozzy rich you funky bitch I'm ballin till I fall
Ima have to get it all and Ima be out like Evol
Young Midwest
You can meet at the wailing wall
Judah Judah Judah I don't fuck with no judas at all
Itching for a money sack
Had to get the judases
Mister hysterectomy pull em out like a uterus
Rozzy really keep it goin, watch the way I do this shit
Lewd and crass
Bitch I'm lutichrist
Bitch I'm ludicrous
Who compare me to something scary I'll consume a bitch
Numerous clips eat you up like eucharist
Runnin' all throughout your body just like MRSA
The curse of the worst of the worst of what I can do ain't even started yet
Get your fuckin' starter kit
Get your triple cocktail
Deep up in your veins now
Do you feel retarded yet

Give 'em all MRSA
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