Let me check you on tonight
I'm feeling so sweet
Couldn't find what I am looking for
If your so me. Nothing isn't so good
Dancing in the street
Do you want to feel somebody new
Just how you make me wanna melt down
Everyone is looking so perfect
Do you ever found me under your bed
How I understand the satification. Satification. Satification
I'm looking in so s*** fine boy
It's when you don't have no connection inside
Don't you ever come this way
If I'm out of control
(Whoa. Boy)
(Ha, ha, ha... Ha, ha, ha)
[Verse 2:]
When you tell me your beat comes through
Didn't I shake that ass tonight
I'm not writing this song to you
It's a club re-mix party boy
Never can't look in those sight
As you feeling so bright the life tonight
[Verse 3:]
This night isn't way pulling me through
Just you choose my memory
That I had every catches fear
Take me where you had nothing to loose
Get down on my knees and pray hard
If I'm saying
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Party Lyrics

Lexia Allies – Party Lyrics