Here we go standing here
By my side that you give in
This is a big secret that I need to tell you
Nothing is so unbroken to take
Trust us as you never feel so much lie
So give in to me that never be wrong
Don't tell anything hurts me
For while your life won't be easy

Tell everything you want to believe that hurts
No stronger ways that cut this way
Everytime it just you and me
Like I tell you my lie to bring to earth
That won't get more serious to seal it again
Feel me on this walls again
Like not to be broken or dead
Sorry would make a totally jerk that bring me down
But trying to feel young now
It just you and me
It just you and me
It just you and me
It just you and me
It just you and me

[Verse 2:]
Cause your undissery is cut
Probably is unprocation and recoration so not now
Telling you a story about it
And take me far that I wouldn't read it
So not true till everything is about you
Harder than myself to breathe
For a wise conneted to hurt someone else night

[Verse 3:]
You know I promise you to this
That never save me forever
Just everything you give to me
Won't tell me no more
Secrets that you can't tell me now
Till I am waiting for you to say it now
Holding on Holding my hand
Nothing to brag over me
(Na na na na. Na na na na)
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Just You And Me Lyrics

Lexia Allies – Just You And Me Lyrics