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Maybe That Day Lyrics

Lexia Allies – Maybe That Day Lyrics

There were my moments passing by
Sometimes I just want something each very day
Do you can't close the fact
I am in love with the song you played
It may me special to see what inside of you
Just how your the only one
Maybe that day
Was something really coming apart
I shouldn't have so much prouder against me
It's maybe that day
How we are in love and see the soul in my mind
It's can't change the color what it made of
It's maybe that day
You are the guy I have
But in each separate ways
How it could ever really notice how I feel about you
[Verse 2:]
Chasing the clouds
Somewhere in the dark
Don't know how I felt like hurt
When your in my ways
I could see your face as I daydream across the room
Somehow I can't stop cause your so cute
How I believe you are my crush everytime
[Verse 3:]
You hold me like a child
Someday will be real
You have to shake it
It's something that you want it out
I believe in everything that you do
As I realize some love could be from the heart
You sing to my heart
And try to in fact my soul every time you dare to kiss
It's something special holding my dreams
Somewhere I know your there
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