Only you got that plan makes you wanna get tough
But my shoulder are graving in
If I never done this to you now
The secrets are holding it til tomorrow
Can't loose the faith in time
Just say never hard for matter
Your so strong til you want to get me over with
Together your so fine and you know it
Oh girl I recongize your faces and I know you look alike me
Not when Nina is back
Something is right
Don't know what I could loose you
Maybe I'm coming strength side to life
So don't you ever came to size
Nina is back
(Bad bich)
[Verse 2:]
Sneak out from last moon appear
You have nothing to be afarid
Some scared you to freak to death
If I'm coming after you
Like forever and not ready to thrown
As I deal the favor if tomorrow comes life to sooner
(Fight girl)
(Ahhh Yo)
[Verse 3:]
Nothing as you quite still standing on my feet
If I don't care your height so real
Doesn't care who you are
I'm burning the fire up to street
As you walk. I feel nothing
As you walk. I'm feel numbbb dying
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Nina Is Back Lyrics

Lexia Allies – Nina Is Back Lyrics