It's always my pridge to stand up
But I am willing to try this
Every night is pushing til the end to make it right
When you show me your sides
Aren't the same
Try to like this party will never end

When you give me your new bright side
You don't wanna gave yourself a bright life
If your the one I can listen up
Just live my dream to my world
I am not going to give it up to me
Don't give it back to me
Don't give it back to me
Cus I wanna make it perfect forever you make it right
So it new ever stared in the shade

[Verse 2:]
There are millions of darkness behind my back
And do you like to killed it
Just the way I do
Maybe you feel nothing in my hand
Some idea's are giving it up
As you believe the power of god in the day

[Verse 3:]
Willing the fade of black
Showing myself for the night
It's too might
When you killed it
But I can blink in this side
Like your the shinning in the head for gone
Do you wanna make a melt down
It's always screaming for the name
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Don't Give It Back To Me Lyrics

Lexia Allies – Don't Give It Back To Me Lyrics