Fight in your tears make you down
Doesn't feel like it all about
Trying to take that life out of me
You just get everything hard to belong
Find something that is made for me
Like you bring out the world for who I am
Cut down of everything
As I never say sorry to one of another

I am super jealous and serious to be
Making my way from downtown
Like one of us keep coming back for more
To the way I am so stronger now
To the way I am so stronger now
Lifting your dreams high as I wanted to be
When of is don't feel the nerves of outside
Before I just bring a few love
So you never want this to come that way
Pushing my thoughts all for me
This is time I am Stronger Stronger than before

[Verse 2:]
Don't wake me at the night before midnight
I took off the same clothes as I lie them down
You never get your arms around me
So more fighting comes to me
Shutting the lights and even the window
All of alone now in my room here

[Verse 3:]
Stay there before you close me out
And never be seen in my life again
Like it the time to breakout all of this moment
Taking everything out of my dreams forever
And don't fight and don't stay with me
Til I beat you down hard
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Stronger Lyrics

Lexia Allies – Stronger Lyrics