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Boss Battle Lyrics

Breezy – Boss Battle Lyrics

Boss Battle

1st Verse
An I already won I’ll put a hole in anyone with the golden gun beat you
Like I’m on a speed-run shocking you made it past the first round but you
Need more practice all around knocking them down right before I show you my
True form with a rag & chloroform I’ll transform an hit them with a sonic
Blast put them in a full body cast then travel back to the past you made it
To the final boss at last dark deity ultimate power possessor looking like
An evil professor your ass I finally located & decimated this battle I
Awaited once my powers activated I mutated & dominated until your brains
Were pixelated heads get separated that’s for certain making every person
Hurting then I go sewer surfing now run before I capture you fracture you
With no time to relax powered up to the max my deadly impacts are way worse
Than your battle-ax dark magic I’ll defeat you with it pick a hand just
So I can beat you with it before I get a flawless victory making you
History I’ll show my fatality kicking you out of position an out of
Commission on into my dungeon full of rage & I won’t stop punching coming
To seek & destroy I’m a killjoy bragging shooting up your wagon toe
Tagging & body bagging & I still beat you when it was lagging in every boss
Fight you lost right I’m about to put a cross on your gravesite you
Should’ve played smart you were dead from the start like Tin Man you ned
More heart an you thought you had a chance on easy and thought it was over
Completely until I uppercutted you like Luigi

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