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Final Round Lyrics

Breezy – Final Round Lyrics

It’s the final round (3X)
Final boss final showdown it’s the final round final battle on the
Battleground an I highly doubt you’re sticking around because it’s the
Final round

1st Verse
You made it to the final round fucking phenomenal now I’ll make your
Mission impossible while I push you off every obstacle I am unstoppable
Taking everything that is valuable & your vessel fight me inside of my
Castle on the last level my skills are impeccable but bitch you’re
Unacceptable you better get ready to duel I will fight you old school then
I will kick you in the death pool so many act like they will not get beat
Up until we meet up I’ll leave them face down & feet up I’ll spawn out
Of a pentagon bring it on & I’ll murder as many as Shao Kahn playing as
Hard as Alucard digging your grave in the backyard while hanging you up in
The cellar I’ll chop you like a propeller you’re fucking with the final
Boss you’re about to take a loss hit with a dark magic spell you can’t
Repeal then I will toss you head first down the stairwell an I swear I’ll
Send you to hell right as soon as they ring the bell


2nd Verse
When I plan to attack like the Zodiac now if you want your bitch back you
Better bring me some cannabis in a fat sack or I’ll come at you like a
Pack animal cannibal winning is really impractical my style is unfadable an
Beating me is impossible killing them all is the game plan blasting fools
Like Mega Man I’ll push you into a van & then I will take you to my
Dungeon like Ted Bundy I bludgeon people fear the repercussion & they
Don’t want a concussion but I’m leaving your throat gushing I think
You’re fucking with the wrong one we both know you’ve never won despite
That I’m the final boss on the final level I’ll fight you right in
Front of the castle man you should’ve bailed you try to attempt to win
But failed my sword impaled & I prevailed I beat your ass & wailed I’m
Leaving you bleeding all around as soon as I hear the bell sound then I
Will finally take you down oh shit bitch


3rd Verse
You better adapt you better be strapped the princess is kidnapped inside of
My evil lair better beware of all my traps in there an better prepare your
Healthcare I’ll beat you anytime or anywhere an it’ll be your last song
& dance you won’t even stand a chance because I’m too ferocious got you
Under my hypnosis making you lose focus under my control I will absorb your
Soul smoke a bowl an put a hole in everyone I kill because I got skill an
I’ll prove it you haven’t shown me much improvement everybody knows I
Will end your day an lava I will send your way I ended it when I first
Swung at the top of my game like Shang Tsung an I won’t stop until you
Take your last breath making you bleed & risk death on the last round last
Inning I’m stabbing you while I’m grinning taking you down & pinning I
Will send you all the way back to the very beginning bitch better believe
You’re not winning

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